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The business acumen I've acquired throughout the years required many hours of the grind without any recognition, love or rewards. I ain't mad, because it taught me to rely on the finished product, results and outcomes. Throughout the passion of keeping my head down, I learned an incredible amount of invaluable knowledge that I won't sit on. I know firsthand how hard to work and not have access to resources. Hence, why I content comes from out of my rejection, humiliation and the succession of my businesses.


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I've been blessed to experience leadership at high levels from different industries. One of the most valuable lessons I've learned is to always bring value to the table. Value comes from the experience of being the practitioner.


I've excelled in the US Marine Corps, corporate leadership, academia and self-employment.

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I've created profitable content, videos, business plans, and college curriculum.

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I've written books for my nonprofit programs and aspiring nonprofit founders.

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