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If you identify as a social entrepreneur, nonprofit leader or simply as someone who is making a difference then this website is for you. If you've been looking for resources to help others and give back, look no further. Our goal is to encourage and assist anyone aspiring to live a life of social entrepreneurship and social good. 

We currently have blogs full of valuable information specific to the nonprofit industry, a podcast with quick tips and interviews with social sector leaders and videos. Go through the website and let us know what you want more of.  Follow us on our social media profiles.  And share the information that you find valuable.

Fearing Failure

“If you have no tolerance for failure, you will not create anything new.” ~ Brené Brown Fail. Failing. Failure. Words many, if not all, of us…

The Power of Help

One of my greatest strengths (and my greatest weakness) is fierce independence. It is my greatest strength when I set myself to accomplish what must…

How to Monetize Your Website

How to Monetize Your Website After countless hours of hard work, your website is published and live. You’ve created a masterpiece. It’s available for the whole…

I Almost Died

I Almost Died On a regular day during my Marine Corps career of practicing for war, some of the drills we ran were extremely dangerous. When…

Godly Endurance

Godly Endurance To truly endure this race called life, you have to learn how to be strong when you’re weak. It has everything to do with…