July 8, 2018

Your Giant Fights for You

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Your Giant Fights for You

In boot camp 20 years ago, we were awakened by US Marine Corps Drill Instructors banging garbage cans screaming at us saying get up to the sound of reveille. It wasn’t the most pleasant form of waking up, but we learned to accept and deal with it.

Towards the end of boot camp, you already know what to expect and you get up ready to go. Matter fact, most of us had the person already awake wake us up beforehand so we could shower and shave before reveille sound it.

What will it take to wake up you’re sleeping giant and have it fight for you on a regular basis?

In this episode, I really enjoyed talking about what that giant is in your life, my life and life in general. I think sometimes we forget what keeps us going. We forget why we start the process. So I’m glad I’m able to shed a little bit a light on my sleeping giant and how he fights for me.

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