September 30, 2018

What I Learned in my 20 Hour Workday

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

What I Learned in my 20 Hour Workday

Let me set this up correctly for both the blog and podcast.  When I was working at Target overseeing the Apparel and Customer Service departments, I was new to retail. The craze behind the 4th quarter especially Black Friday was about to be the new norm.
Since I wasn’t a consumer-minded individual, the shift took me a minute. I do research, think about it and then make the purchase, so the prep for Black Friday turned into a great learning experience. Hence, what I learned in my 20 hour workday I didn’t plan for at all.
I learned so much without really discussing it all. The whole experience was super cool. As a marketer, it was my introduction to how the customer journey works.
For those that just want the 3 takeaways, here you go. These are the lessons I learned as an entrepreneur, not when I was there.
  1. Sales = Success
  2. Nothing’s Perfect
  3. You need qualified employees to make your business work
In the podcast, I share how these takeaways are displayed in my everyday business.

Enjoy the episode!

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