July 1, 2018

Wake Up Your Sleeping Giant

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Wake Up Your Sleeping Giant

When I look around I reflect back on my short time on being on this earth, we have made a lot of improvements. Thank God for technology, it has quadrupled everything that we do. I remember on Friday nights using my blockbuster card and getting some Jiffy popcorn and having a grand ol’ time for $40 (which was a deal). Now, for only a small fraction and a mobile device, everyone in the household could be watching something different.

Technology has definitely made things a lot easier. From the ways that we communicate and engage, to how we do business. Even by becoming an entrepreneur, the barriers to entry have immensely lowered.

However, for all the good there is a bad. And this episode I’ll talk about how it has allowed us to be a lot more dormant when it comes to our own gifts. The giant that allows us to be great is in a deep slumber.

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