February 4, 2018

Vollie with Matthew Boyd

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Vollie with Matthew Boyd

I love when social good goes outside of my ‘normal’, especially geography wise. My guest on this podcast is a talker, which always makes my job easier. Matt is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Vollie an online marketplace that is unlocking a new style of skills-based remote volunteering.

Matthew has 10+ years marketing and business development experience which spans across start-ups, ad agencies and corporate land. Matt decided to quit his job at the end of 2015 and get to work on Vollie. Vollie was inspired by Matthew’s extensive volunteering experience and love of working with NFP’s. Since arriving in Melbourne in 2008, Matt’s volunteering activity has included supporting children’s charities, mental health NFP’s, animal welfare groups and environmental causes. He has also been responsible for running projects that have contributed close to $2 million for NFP organizations.

Vollie is an online marketplace that is unlocking a new style of skill-based remote volunteering. They connect non-profit needs with the skills and experience of modern-day professionals. Vollie projects are exclusively online, meaning that people can support the causes they care about from any location, and around their busy schedule. In 14 months of operations, they’ve seen 260 projects go live on their platform, 4,800+ hours contributed by skilled volunteers and $235,000+ of value provided to Vollie’s Charity partners. Currently, each Vollie project is saving their NFP’s an average of a little over $900.

One of Matthew’s social good heroes is Marc Ching and Animal Wellness & Foundation in Los Angeles, CA.

Dream Big and Godspeed,