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Chattin with Nonprofit Chapin

Chattin with Nonprofit Chapin The term “nonprofit” and the vocabulary within the sector is misused and misunderstood. For example, I believe the word “fundraising” gets a…

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 6

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 6 On Wednesday August 24th, we hosted another DIY Helping Homeless to give our community, friends and family the opportunity to get…

DIY Helping Homeless Details

DIY Helping Homeless Imagine if we recruited one person a day to participate in a DIY-Helping Homeless to share one meal, one piece of clothing, provide…

Starting A Nonprofit

This was a long overdue podcast, and my apologies. I owe you another apology for my under-the-weather sounding voice. But you know how I roll, the…

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