December 18, 2016

Social Entrepreneur with Podcasting’s Godfather: John Lee Dumas

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Social Entrepreneur with Podcasting’s Godfather: John Lee Dumas

On a conversation with a longtime friend via text messaging, they suggested a couple of podcasts. The ‘Entrepreneur on Fire‘ (aka, EO Fire) hosted by John Lee Dumas was a podcast I enjoyed. John Lee Dumas hosts his daily podcast with famous and successful entrepreneurs with great information for immediate application. I was hooked because the episodes are short, published every day and had a predictable structure to make it easy to follow along.  Almost two years later, I’m happy to have him as a guest on our show.

Social Entrepreneur with Podcasting’s Godfather John Lee Dumas is a real treat. For this special occasion, I published the regular podcast for our listeners. However, I’ve also published our conversation on YouTube.

Since there are no spoiler alerts here, enjoy the show. And oh, I wanted to add John’s fun fact about himself: John already gave his spoiler away.

Here’s the YouTube version to this podcast. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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