SEwNAW Podcast

Everyone's journey of social entrepreneurship is different. Different shouldn't mean isolation. Find the Social Entrepreneur in you by using your experiences, people's input, community resources and your heart. Stay honest. Be sincere. The work is hard, but it's worth it.

The goal for SEwNAW is to provide valuable information directly related to the social good sector (nonprofit, social enterprise, etc.). This podcast is for social entrepreneurs who are ready to go to the next level and for those who want to become social entrepreneurs. Tune into the podcast now.

Vollie with Matthew Boyd

Vollie with Matthew Boyd I love when social good goes outside of my ‘normal’, especially geography wise. My guest on this podcast is a talker, which always makes…

Build by 2020 or Bust

Build by 2020 or Bust I have the opportunity to do what no one else in Vancouver, WA has ever done before. My goal to build…

Debunking Business as Personal

Debunking Business as Personal Too many times I have heard people say “it’s not personal, it’s business.” Well, we’re going to debunk it in this podcast.…

Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose From my experiences, the new year comes with all kinds of things on your to-do-list. Take back presents that don’t fit, didn’t want or…

Bye Felicia (aka, 2017)!

Bye Felicia (aka, 2017)! With the 90’s making a comeback, so is one of the best all-time movie blockbusters. Friday was the movie when I was…

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