SEwNAW Podcast

Everyone's journey of social entrepreneurship is different. Different shouldn't mean isolation. Find the Social Entrepreneur in you by using your experiences, people's input, community resources and your heart. Stay honest. Be sincere. The work is hard, but it's worth it.

The goal for SEwNAW is to provide valuable information directly related to the social good sector (nonprofit, social enterprise, etc.). This podcast is for social entrepreneurs who are ready to go to the next level and for those who want to become social entrepreneurs. Tune into the podcast now.

The 3 Faces of Distraction

Let’s be honest and tell the truth. We all get distracted. No one is exempt. Some of my closest colleagues wouldn’t believe this is true for…

How To Be an Uber Rider

Uber is the newest form of transportation. But how do I be an Uber rider? What’s the process to signing up? All great questions! In this…

What is Social Innovation?

As of recent, the question I keep hearing is “What is social innovation?” in business arenas. The ‘social innovation’ throws a lot of people off. The…

Conflict Provides Clarity

We all got problems. No one’s exempt. Today on May 11, 2016, I’ve encountered a major issue. This happened out of nowhere. There was no warning,…

The 4 Steps of Fundraising

This podcast of the 4 Steps of Fundraising stemmed from a blog I wrote titled The 4 Components of Nonprofit Fundraising back on Jan 2015. I’m coming…

How to Market Yourself

Getting up in front of people has never been a weakness for me. Talking in front of strangers wasn’t hard either. I don’t care if I…

Fail Forward

No one likes to fail. Failing is a derogatory word. It’s rarely used in a positive perspective. For example, have you heard of “failing forward?” If…

Starting A Nonprofit

This was a long overdue podcast, and my apologies. I owe you another apology for my under-the-weather sounding voice. But you know how I roll, the…

School to Prison Pipeline

One of my first “deer in the headlights” learnings was the ‘School to Prison Pipeline’ during a networking event. This professional mentioned it briefly assuming I…

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