November 26, 2017

Push Through the Noise

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Push Through the Noise

We all are human. There’s no superhuman power that keeps us immune from disappointment, heartbreak, and idleness. As our personal weaknesses bleeds to our business weaknesses, we have to learn how to push through the noise of distractions and fear.

Distractions and fear keeps us static. We miss going to the next level by not failing forward. Or, we are too distracted by something that keeps us comfortable. As social entrepreneurs, we focus so much on the purpose/passion sometimes we fail to realize that could be a “noise” to have a breakthough.

To maintain our false sense of comfort, we disillusioned ourselves. I know my fears remain distractions and the distractions are protected by my fears. In order to break the cycle, I have to change them by identifying and addressing each of them by name.

In this episode, I list the top three distractions. Do we have a common one with my #2? Since I listed mine, I’d love to know the other two for you.
1. **** ****
2. Social Media
3. ***************

This is a twofer. In part 2, I’ll cover my fears.


The Problem: we have too much stagnation due to lack of competition.
The Challenge: pushing through our capacity.
The Solution: be honest and talk about it.

Dream Big and Godspeed,