December 3, 2017

Push Through the Noise (Pt 2)

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Push Through the Noise (Pt 2)

In this second edition of Push Through the Noise, distractions are one thing but fears are something else. Honestly, our fears are really the limits that keep us from reaching our own goals. However, the road to accomplishing that goal or task is much harder, lonelier and difficult than other paths so we choose something less resistant.

All my life I took paths that were easier. I didn’t want to struggle. My plan in life was to go hard in my Marine Corps days, which was the front part and take the last part of my journey with much more ease. Well, after two years of taking orders and lack of freedom, I realized I couldn’t do any more than four years. Almost 20 years later, I don’t have any regrets; but I laugh at how foolish it sounds now.

My fear of the US Marine Corps was being someone I wasn’t. I needed more. I craved and wanted more, but the military way of life would have denied it.

As I said previously, we disillusion ourselves. To maintain our false sense of comfort, fears remain distractions and the distractions are protected by fears. Courage and consistency will allow you to break the cycle once they have been identified. Otherwise, YOU (not anyone else) will rob yourself of your greatest potential of being in the nirvana of your own happiness.

In this episode, I list the top three fears. Do you relate? What are your fears? Feel free to reach out to me to share your distractions and fears. We want to hear from you!
1. Comfortable Routine
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3. ***************

Enjoy- and push through the noise!


The Problem: we have too much stagnation due to lack of competition.
The Challenge: pushing through our capacity.
The Solution: be honest and talk about it.

Dream Big and Godspeed,