Social Entrepreneur, Professor, Consultant, Business Owner, Competitor

Nathan A Webster

History in the Making

I've been a competitor all my life. Born and raised in Vancouver, WA to two amazing parents with a rich history of success, fight, grit and love. My journey started five days after graduating from high school and standing on the footprints in MCRD (aka, Marine Corps Recruit Depot) San Diego.

Mr. Social Entrepreneur is Nathan A Webster. This podcast is for all who incorporate social good into their business. My goal is to share business resources I wish I had when I was a budding nonprofit founder clueless in the sea of competing charity and government. To be a visionary and executioner is hard, so I’m happy to share my mistakes with others so no one has to repeat them. Hence, why I started a podcast for social entrepreneurship. 

I’m the Co-Founder and CEO at NW & Associates, LLC. My number one love is being a dad to all my kiddos, but when we’re not hanging out I’m focused on growing my business. When I need a break, I lean towards something sports-related like soccer, bowling, and fishing.

I can be somewhat obnoxious with my passion.  I’m high energy because God’s grace and mercy has carried me a long way.

Breaking the Shell

God and I had a late-night session chat. Unbeknownst to me, God already chose my unorthodox career path of being an “official” entrepreneur by starting Dream Big Community Center. After many back-and-forth encounters of the journey being paved for me, I finally accepted my calling.

My nonprofit Dream Big gave me the platform in 2004.

As we became incorporated in 2006 and earned the 501c3 in 2007, we faced much opposition. In our journey of helping the youth and their families, I didn’t have much support. Hence, my self-appointed nickname Mr. Social Entrepreneur.

After a couple of years of delivering programs with partnering organizations, we served over 3,000 teens. Our reach grew from local to national. The success was unbelievable.

The Evolution

My growth wasn't an overnight process. It's taken my whole life to be here.

US Marine Corps


Dream Big

Executive Director

NW & Assoc, LLC

Brand Consultant

Clark College

Business Professor

Going Against the Grain

When I was in the Marine Corps, that’s when I learned I was different. People kept telling me, “Webster, you’re always doing your own thing. That’s called, OP, for being on your “own program.” Yessir, that’s me.

I was always taking risks to do it my own way. It wasn’t until later on I learned that was the definition of an entrepreneur.

My first idea started before I got out of the military. Technically speaking, it wasn’t my idea but I financed it. Due to my lack of oversight of how to run a business–I honestly didn’t know the growth potential and how to make it my bread and butter–the venture failed. However, I had my own idea and took it to the SBA (aka, Small Business Administration).

The SBA told me it was a good idea. I was excited to move forward. The next advisor pointed out all the glaring liabilities without suggesting workarounds and told me it wasn’t going to work. Unfortunately, I believed him and took his words as God’s truth.

Humility Leads to Passion

By this point, I was working a day job with banking hours and I wasn’t happy. Eventually, my path led me back to the Marines. I was doing full-time ceremonial work on 90-day contracts to pay the bills, but it was getting old. This was a band-aid. I needed a solution.

After several opportunities to go back in the Marines, my poor decisions eliminated my top choices for jobs. I was humiliated and embarrassed, but I wasn’t going to give up because I was tired of not having options.

As a last resort, I went to college.

My goal in going to college was to play professional soccer. The plan was to play for the community college and then play for a D1 University. Well, life happened and priorities changed. In addition to life, I had to be honest with the present circumstances. Therefore, I had to focus on my career.

And that’s when the real journey began.

From 2001, I learned how much success really hurts. The blood, pain, sweat, tears, sacrifices and long hours were real. Matter of fact, it never stops. But it’s worth every minute of it.

As a social entrepreneur podcast, I want to provide business knowledge to all leaders. I don’t care if you’re a nonprofit board member, leader or volunteer, as long as you’re looking for ways to make a community better. So why not give back with having some education in your back pocket?

Again, that’s why I started this podcast. There are social entrepreneurs all over the world working to make this world a better place. When I started, there weren’t any active social entrepreneur podcasts so I started this one and it’s been crazy ever since.

I have no regrets, and I’m not looking back.