Mr. Social Entrepreneur’s Tips in 2017

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Mr. Social Entrepreneur’s Tips in 2017

As I always say, “These tips come to you from my rejection, humiliation, and succession of my businesses. There’s no blog for tips unlike Social Entrepreneur with Nathan A Webster.” But now I’m making a minor adjustment.

For those looking to find the short 5-minute podcasts in one spot, look no further. Listen to your social entrepreneurial tips all from one spot. Bookmark this blog if you already haven’t subscribed to iTunes or Soundcloud.  If you haven’t already subscribed, we broadcast on SoundCloud (on website) or iTunes. That’s a hint to subscribe, lol!

2017 – Social Entrepreneur’s Tips

#75: Expect the Unexpected

Tip 74: Aim for Results

Tip 73: Stop Listening to Haters

Tip 72: How to Overcome Mondays 

Tip 71: Laugh out Loud (Lol!)

Tip 70: Take the Risk

Tip 69: Celebrate You

Tip 68: Stop Saying “We’ll Do It Later”

Tip 67: You’re a Leader

Tip 66: Build a Relationship 

Tip 65: Eliminate Toxic Relationships 

Tip 64: Bad Habits Transfer

Tip 63: Earning It Requires Fight

Tip 62: Use Your Adversity 

Tip 61: Expect the Rain

Tip 60: Give a ROI

Tip 59: Establish Healthy Habits 

Tip 58: Underdog Mentality 

Tip 57: Law of Attraction

Tip 56: Learn or Regress

Tip 55: Let It Go

Tip 54: Get It Right

Tip 53: Patience is a Must

Tip 52: Evolve with Technology 

Tip 51: Embrace Today

Tip 50: Stop Saying “I’M TIRED”

Tip 49: Breakthrough a Day

Tip 48: Stop Letting Your Insecurities Win 

Tip 47:  Have Fun

Tip 46: Attract Success

Tip 45: Tell Your Story

Tip 44: Success is the Journey

Tip 43: Outwork Hustle

Tip 42: Entrepreneur Mindset

Tip 41: Full Alignment

Tip 40: You Have To Network

Tip 39: Respect Your Time

Tip 38: FREE don’t Pay Bills

Tip 37: How to Stay Positive on Cloudy Days

Tip 36: Move with Urgency

Tip 35: Without Organization = Failure

Tip 34: You’re either the Problem or the Solution

Tip 33: Stop Waiting and Do …

Tip 32: You Don’t Know…

Tip 31: You Need to Dream Big

Tip 30 – “Are We Talkin’ about… EASY?!”

Tip 29: Go Get Your RESULTS

Tip 28: Don’t Quit

Tip 27: Follow Through

Tip 26: Social Entrepreneurship

Tip 25: Keep Moving Forward

Tip 24: Committed Determination

2016 – Social Entrepreneur’s Tips

Tip 23: Be Intentional

Tip 22: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect…

Tip 21: Sell vs Sale

Tip 20: Everything’s A Risk

Tip 19: Get Totally Immersed

Tip 18: Stop Apologizing for Your…

Tip 17: Fail to Plan…

Tip 16: All Day. Everyday.

Tip 15: Stop Procrastinating

Tip 14: You Need to Have a Strategy

Tip 13: Entrepreneurship is a Risk

Tip 12: Stay Committed

Tip 11: Be A Blessing

Tip 10: Your Biggest Mistake…

Tip 9: They’re Watching You

Tip 8: Have Deadlines

Tip 7: No Website Police

Tip 6: Advice isn’t Support

Tip 5: Fail Forward to Move Forward

Tip 4: Don’t Chase People

Tip 3- Be Persistent

Tip 2: Having the Bootstraps Mentality

Tip 1: Who Said Days Off?

Dream Big and Godspeed.


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