April 7, 2019

Introducing MobileMoxie’s Cindy Krum

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

In mid-March of 2019, I had the privilege to attend Portland’s SEMPDX‘s ENGAGE Marketing Conference. This was a 2-day event and the agenda was jammed packed. The audience primarily consisted of marketing professionals with a heavy emphasis on digital marketing experts.

Just in case if I lost you with the vernacular, sorry. SEM is the abbreviation for search engine marketing. Similarly, SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.

Ok, back to SEMPDX.

A couple of things grabbed my attention and I said, “Oh shoot, I need to take notes.”

The key takeaways for me were the following:

  • data analytics–for me this would be Google Analytics–isn’t always accurate or make sense;
    • keywords
    • CTR (aka, click-thru rate)
    • conversion rate
  • mobile is becoming the wave of the future;
    • especially for e-commerce
  • Google isn’t a search engine, it’s an ANSWER engine;
    • I was like “duh,” of course it is
  • AMP is the new hotness for mobile-first indexing and top of page SERPs; and
  • over 61% of web search requests aren’t clicked.

With the last statistic of 61%, I was so happy to be affirmed. I wasn’t able to articulate the message so well, but Cindy hit it on the nose. It was as if she was talking directly to me, “you’ve been right all along.”

Affirming My Agency’s Claims

These were my thoughts while Cindy Krum (of MobileMoxie) was talking/presenting:
Cindy: “It’s all about the knowledge graph.”
Me: I was like, “what’s that?”
Cindy: “It’s about rising to the top of the page, not JUST the first page.”
Me: “Oh my God, rite! I’ve been telling prospective clients for years. But getting to the top of the page is owned by Google. This is only temporary if you don’t find a way to stay there organically and get CTRs.”
Cindy: “Featured snippets are the wave of the future. Don’t forget hosted inclusions, XML feed, and answer carousels. Google doesn’t want you to leave their site. Their goal is for you to never leave.”

I was like, “BOOM!” But she kept going.

When she said, ‘the best practices aren’t always what’s best,” I had to get her on the podcast. I’ve been so tired of hearing the key leaders of companies speak of getting to the first page of Google organically without knowing what to do next. Therefore, for the first time in my marketing career, I felt affirmed.

Enough about me, listen to her. She’ll tell you.

For me, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. The mobile era has just begun. Smartphone technology is synonymous with having the freedom to having a license to drive, except now you have Uber. All you need is the application to connect to Uber or Lyft. Ironically, you still need a smartphone.

If you want to see her present the full 60-minute presentation, here’s the link to her blog, presentation, and deck: https://mobilemoxie.com/blog/webinar-mobile-first-indexing-the-story-your-data-isnt-telling-you. Otherwise, we’ll cover the gist of it in the under 30-minute podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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