October 2, 2016

Marketing Campaigns and Channels

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Marketing Campaigns and Channels

This edition of Social Entrepreneur with Nathan A Webster is special for two reasons. First of all, this was our very first unplanned twofer. Meaning, we had to cut this podcast in half because of  how loaded it is with rich content. This leads to the second reason. Kent Lewis from Anvil Media provided a mountain of information regarding marketing campaigns using various marketing channels.

I’m so excited because Kent covers a ton of information that would take someone years to figure out via experience, or tens of thousands of dollars. This type of knowledge for entrepreneurs and business owners saves a lot of time and frustration. As I mentioned in the podcast, this would be a paid consulting session or workshop.

Understanding Marketing

Marketing isn’t an overnight cram session. This craft takes time. With many sources of “How to” and “Ultimate Guidebook…” for every user out there, the downloadable documentation can stack up really high and not give you a firm understanding of marketing. More importantly, the ROI gets pushed out further and lines are still blurred.

Our guest Kent has already talked about marketing on his first visit. This time we’re talking about much more. More on marketing, branding and increasing your visibility. One of Kent’s quotes that is gold, “PR [public relations] builds a brand; advertising defends it.” Here are just some of the topics discussed:

  • Dollar Shave Buyout
  • Print and Broadcast channels
  • Mission/Value/Purpose
  • SEO

Podcast Pt. 1

As I noted above, this is a 2-part series. It unintentionally happened. Just like business. Things happen and you adjust, adapt and grow. SEwNAW is no different.

For the readers, Kent blasted out great knowledge from his perspective and expertise. I call this industry standard, but it’s with a personal twist of marketing trinkets. This was a high level conversation with bits of details. The details followed in the second podcast.

Podcast Pt. 2

Truly understanding marketing campaigns and marketing channels cannot be learned in a vacuum. Kent is very humble about his success. When he describes Anvil Media‘s mission, vision and purpose, he doesn’t disclose his list of clients. Hence, is why I love talking with him.

For new business leaders and startups who are in need of a mentor, look for someone like him. Very likeable, approachable and successful. Learn his model that took him over 14 years to develop. Kent’s journey of failures is now for your gain too. I highly recommend you use it!

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