December 23, 2018

Let’s Be Honest About The Grind

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

When I wanted talk about this new era of tweets and instagram pics of showing people ballin’ out of control talking about the grind, I’m like “Psshhh… please.”

I’m like Y’all out here telling lies. No one went from 0-120 doing their grunt work on a yacht. We all started from somewhere without any fame or glamour.

The rigor it takes to make the magic occur takes your undivided attention.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a Team Sport was a podcast I did earlier this year. As we wrap another great year, I’m disturb how many people believe being an entrepreneur is easy. The word “grind” is tossed around like it’s an $0.10 candy at the local minute mart.

Therefore, I had to drop four nuggets about this grind on the podcast. Make sure you take notes for future reference. I’d advise you share this with someone who wants “more” and needs help cracking the code.

Without giving it away, one of my favorite truths aren’t everyone can do the grind. Hence, why there’s a 9-to-5 for those who can’t hack the pressure it takes to make it happen.

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Dream Big,