December 11, 2017

Intro to Government w/Dominic Braham

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Intro to Government w/Dominic Braham

In the last two years, I’ve ensured to stay out of the politicking. As a political science nerd, these last couple of years have been great water cooler content. Politics are alive, and depending on your stance it’s either going well or bad. In this episode, none of that will be mentioned. Haha!

Sorry for the teaser, but we’re in the business of helping people on both sides of the aisle AND those not represented. Hence, why Dominic is here to share his journey.

The following is from Dominic’s bio:

I am a continual life learner who can communicate and learn from the janitor to the CEO of any company. I am passionate about education; scholastic as well as professional development. I have been a servant leader locally and internationally for over 17 years. Currently, I am a member of the City of Phoenix City Council District 8 staff. My interpersonal skills are critical in a public facing role such as Council Aide interacting with the public, City staff, leadership and elected officials. Being the office manager for Councilwoman Gallego, I manage the calendar, logistical arrangements and am the primary point of contact for neighborhood associations and local organizations.

Prior, as Director of Employment Services with the Greater Phoenix Urban League (GPUL). I launched a Young Adult Workforce Program, preparing and matching participants with employment. Before GPUL, I had been in the nonprofit field for over 15 years where I worked in programs for youth development, the homeless and individuals with special needs.

During my time in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps Advisor, I learned how to use my cultural agility and community development experience to assist the public. My achievements consist of managing the construction and sustainability of a water aqueduct and a free public health clinic in a small community in the Dominican Republic. I have assisted Dominican business owners in marketing strategies increasing profit and have facilitated to young entrepreneurs how to write a business plan in order to start to achieve their passion.

Moving forward, I hope to navigate the ever-changing climate of the City to bring positive incremental change to the public. With my second to none interpersonal skills, I will thrive in any role.


Dominic’s LinkedIn:

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Dream Big and Godspeed.