How to Grow Your Business

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How to Grow Your Business

For the new businesses who break the threshold of getting out the ‘basement’ stage–a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you–as you already know, the next step is to grow. As a founder, I know you understand the work isn’t going to be done on its own. Your success is predicated on your production.

I’ve had several different random people–not my own clients–ask me, “how do I grow my business?” I do my best to not look at them crazy because the answer isn’t a 30-second tip.

This is a million dollar question for a lot of businesses.

Every business is different, but there are basic principles that exist that are universal. In the podcast, I list four specific principles. These principles aren’t a cram session you can do overnight. If you’re looking for that overnight success method, this material isn’t for you.

More to come later. Enjoy the episode!

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