March 17, 2019

How to Dominate in Your Industry

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Starting a business isn’t for the faint. It takes courage and commitment. Sacrifices have to made. Hard work is a constant while networking to increase exposure to make a sell.

The sell of your product/service is good; however, newly-born entrepreneurs don’t think about dominating to they realize the work is a dogfight because you need multiple sales. Selling never stops.

One sale is competing and won’t pay the bills. We have to pay all the bills.

This isn’t about competing. Entrepreneurship is about dominating. There are too many folks to compete with instead of learning of how to dominate within your specialty, niche, and/or expertise.

No matter if you’re nonprofit or for-profit, key leaders are understanding you have to dominate within your industry. The days of mass marketing, appealing to the crowds, and waiting for people are over.

Kent and I go in this podcast episode blind without any notes of any kind.

Kent’s company, Anvil Media.
Kent’s profile, LinkedIn.

Enjoy the show!

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