June 7, 2015

How to Become a Social Entrepreneur | Step 4 – Begin Writing

by nathanwebster in Social Entrepreneur

How to Become a Social Entrepreneur | Step 4 – Begin Writing

Now that you’ve done your research, soaring with your strengths, and growing your roots, begin writing everything down if you haven’t already. Taking notes will be critical in all your tasks, meetings, and action-oriented steps. Developing this process is similar to whittling wood. Continue to seek clarity for defining purpose, operation and results.

The writing component is a never-ending saga. You will have to write out everything to breathe life to it for two reasons. The first reason to this goal is important for you to understand that it is possible. To see it on paper will give you another level of inspiration to carry on with your purpose. Secondly, this starts the process of others giving your constructive criticism while enlisting potential supporters. Your “begin writing” process can be creating a logo, developing biography while scheduling your headshots, creating a Facebook Page, or even writing a business plan.

Therefore, nothing is off limits when you’re putting your ideas on paper. All of it will be necessary for your journey, but may not be deployable. As you start organizing this information, you’ll begin find what’s missing and will force you to expand your business acumen. Again, all of your ideas need to be recorded so that it can be fostered and developed at that moment or at a later time.

REMEMBER – To learn how to become a Social Entrepreneur, be careful of the advice you
receive. Make sure it’s uplifting, empowering and constructive. If you stay focused on the
results, you’ll accomplish the goals you set for yourself and/or your cause.

I write this because my business is personal. My struggles are for your gain. No strings attached.

Nathan A. Webster, MBA