Godpreneur Blog

To be a Godpreneur is precariously unique. Every entrepreneur and business leader struggles to find the healthy balance of both worlds. A daily walk in God is hard. To add another level of complexity, being an entrepreneur has the potential of scaring people away from their rightful position of their blessing. 

In these blogs you'll find words of encouragement so you can dominate in your industry and get back to what really matters.

I Almost Died

I Almost Died On a regular day during my Marine Corps career of practicing for war, some of the drills we ran were extremely dangerous. When…

Godly Endurance

Godly Endurance To truly endure this race called life, you have to learn how to be strong when you’re weak. It has everything to do with…

Pride is Your Enemy

Pride is Your Enemy As a leader, being humble is a true test of character. I’m learning having humility is a true test from God. Our…

Humble Yourself

I’ve heard the term “humble yourself” in church during a sermon and in arguments among friends of mine. The term is widely used in different situations. I…

Step Into Your Destiny

Below is a testimony given at a women’s conference, Step Into Your Destiny, on July 22nd, 2016.  Women’s conferences are a great way to reach the…

The Devil Don’t Sleep

While we sleep, be ready to rise and grind for your passion, purpose and dreams. Rise and grind everyday because the devil don’t sleep. He’s putting…

Conflict Provides Clarity

We all got problems. No one’s exempt. Today on May 11, 2016, I’ve encountered a major issue. This happened out of nowhere. There was no warning,…

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