March 3, 2019

Getting To Thriving With Sarah Oliveri

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

It’s always nice to run into professionals who understand the nonprofit hustle. The grit and grind it takes to run a nonprofit doesn’t always have words. Sarah Oliveri is one who has lived it and helping others in the vein with her PivotGround organization.

Sarah’s secret sauce is her Nonprofit Blueprint.

Don’t let the nonprofit trick you. Her methods are not just for nonprofits. Sarah’s business acumen reaches in both sectors, nonprofit and for-profit.

Check out the podcast for yourself down below. Also, there’s the opening paragraph to her secret weapon article. If you like what you see, click on the link to learn more of how she can help your organization grow.


The Secret Weapon to increase capacity without spending more money that Nonprofits NEED to start using: The Nonprofit Blueprint™

Most nonprofits are organized with a lot of heart, which is to say, that many are relatively disorganized. When they are “organized” we find the issue of silos forming with communication and collaboration divides between departments or administration vs. non-administration. There can also be entire functions that are missing from an organization resulting in stagnated growth and diminished impacts. Without the right kind of organizational structure for your nonprofit, you are bound to feel overwhelmed, wear too many hats, and struggle with delegation.

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Sarah’s company, PivotGround.
Sarah’s profile, LinkedIn.

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