April 26, 2016

Fail Forward

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

No one likes to fail. Failing is a derogatory word. It’s rarely used in a positive perspective. For example, have you heard of “failing forward?” If this term is foreign to you, do be alarmed. Fail forward doesn’t make a lot of sense to most people. Majority of people aren’t looking to take any gambles or risks, so this isn’t a needed mantra. However, in the entrepreneurial world- it’s an everyday reality.

To be an entrepreneur is risking the “comfortable security” of employment. Employment has risks too; but not at the same level. Unless the employer tells you that we may go under unless you do this impossible task of _____, this is a huge risk for the company. Now the responsibility is on you, and you have to take a risk. Will you decide to fail forward or fail and go away?

Nathan and His Rejection Wall

Nathan and His Rejection Wall

As Social Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs, there is an understanding that risk management happens everyday. Risk also involves constant changes. Evolution demands relevancy during the changes of growing pains and difficulties. In other words, evolution requires adapting to the problems of failure. Don’t get stuck outside, get inside and endure the cold blizzard and stay warm in that blanket of success.

To make it more tangible, the shelter only protects you from the outside elements. The blanket of success is learning that failing forward is a common thread of the fabric. Failure is a core fiber that teaches improvement, weaknesses, and humility. If learned, the success is all yours to enjoy. If not learned, the pain of failure is your to wallow in. Or by continuing with the example, the blanket will be your life-safer.

It’s important to fail forward because failure teaches you the experience not available in advice or books. Failure is inevitable. It will happen. To develop a perspective to fail forward, means you learn from your mistakes and don’t let it get the best of you.

I hope you enjoy my examples. My failures are for your gain. Just don’t let my problems become yours!

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In the meantime, Dream Big and Godspeed.