May 26, 2017

Extremely Grateful

by nathanwebster in Social Entrepreneur

Extremely Grateful

When I checked my stats today, I couldn’t believe all the downloads for Cambodia. I’m so grateful for all the support. This hasn’t been easy, but follow your heart. Many in my “circle of experts” didn’t believe the need for a podcast that could touch anyone in the world.

One person said, “Okkkaaaayyy, wow. Really? Interesting.” They were quick to ask for referrals, but didn’t want to be on my show. Good thing I didn’t allow them to change my outlook.

As an entrepreneur, you have to run towards your fear. In return, gratitude awaits you. As a social entrepreneur, impact happens. You may never see all the lives being changed, but  when you lead from the heart your ROI (return on investments) shows up in other ways.

Dream Big and Godspeed,