CREDC with Mike Bomar

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CREDC with Mike Bomar

If one aspires to be a leader, I hope you make look to this fine specimen to admire. His is name is Mike Bomar. The tall gentlemen stands 6’2″ tall, has an athletic frame and his candor lights up the room. Bomar is the President of the of CREDC (aka, Columbia River Economic Development Council).

As I looked for that one professional shot of him in his social media feed to use as the image, I was completely stuck. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He’s not one of those leaders that are hard to reach, talk to or just be around. Bomar is down to earth, a family man and loves his community for all the right reasons.

Bomar’s resume is pretty impressive. He served as the Executive Director of the Southwest Washington Contractors Association for three and a half years–where I initially met him at a networking event–and spent six years with the Building Industry Association of Clark County in their governmental affairs department. His education comes from the top two state universities. Bomar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications from the University of Washington and a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Washington State University Vancouver.

Unlike most prominent leaders in the area, he’s young with a fresh appetite to seize daunting opportunities all while having a family with young children. Most of his Instagram feed consists of his kids and community involvement, not to exclude his selfies with his beautiful wife. His authenticity is real and genuine.

Mike Bomar’s Social Media-

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