November 11, 2018

Choosing which Marketing Works Best for Your Business

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Choosing which Marketing Works Best for Your Business

With companies feeling the pressure of the technology disruption hitting their businesses, we’re living in uncharted waters being forced to produce or fail. Starting my consulting business in 2014 with the complete naivety of helping faith-based groups and nonprofits, I was clueless about truly grasping how the business world was drastically changing right in front of my eyes.

The consumer is the boss, and they’re 100% in charge.

Consumers have always been in charge, but not like this. Predicting the consumer pathway or journey to the “purchase decision” has never been too complicated when you have the right systems in place. There’s no company that has a silver bullet to solve these problems, nor there is any time to be comfortable.

Today’s marketing strategy for businesses has drastically changed. As an emerging small business within the B2B marketing industry, all businesses have to adjust to a new world with digital at the forefront. The good ol’ brick and mortar super juggernaut dominant companies are flailing away, while the younger consumer market focuses are more relevant opportunities.

Again, the consumer is the boss.

In this podcast, Kent and I talked about what type of marketing agency will work best for your organization. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. Just like Target and Walmart have stopped making super huge everything fits-in-one-size-all building because society is demanding a different experience.

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