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A Social Entrepreneur is an individual that starts a business focused on the societal issues of the world. These issues are rooted in both sectors of nonprofit and for-profit. Anyone can be a Social Entrepreneur.

A Social Entrepreneur’s Characteristics are endless. They are selfless, loving, caring, and giving individuals. You may see them to be an energetic strategic, zealous, compassionate problem-solver. No problem, because you’re right. Without any doubt, a social entrepreneur is a risk-taker leader ready to solve the world’s problems.

Changing the World

Changing the World To be a social entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart. The work is a constant grind. You have to be on your…

Extremely Grateful

Extremely Grateful When I checked my stats today, I couldn’t believe all the downloads for Cambodia. I’m so grateful for all the support. This hasn’t been…

KATU’s Everyday Hero

KATU’s Everyday Hero Back in June 2013, I was honored to be KATU’s Everyday Hero due to my work with Dream Big Community Center. When they…

Homeless in Vancouver, WA

Homeless in Vancouver, WA Homelessness is a serious issue in Vancouver, WA. I understand that some citizens don’t know this, or some may even be in…

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 6

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 6 On Wednesday August 24th, we hosted another DIY Helping Homeless to give our community, friends and family the opportunity to get…

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 5

DIY Helping Homeless Pt 5 It never gets old. Helping my brothers and sisters without homes in another DIY Helping Homeless. On Sunday, July 31 at…

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