April 8, 2018

Busy vs. Productive

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Busy vs. Productive

I’m a pretty patient and empathetic individual, but I have my moments. No one is perfect, and I fall in that category. However, I do have pet peeves. One of my biggest irritants is when people say “I’m busy” with fluffy stuff.

In my 5 minute tip, Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive I discuss how my experience of folks telling me that they’re busy could mean a myriad of things. One thing is constant with their “busy work” is they’re not productive.

In the episode, I’ll go into it in more detail but for now:
1. Busy is about your ego; while being Productive is about the goal.
2. Busy is unhealthy and not focused; Productive is a healthy mindset of focus.
3. Busy is reactive; while Productive is intentional.

In the US Marine Corps, I learned my first PM tool. We called it SMEAC because everything is an acronym in the military (lol!). I couldn’t remember it in the podcast–gratefully because I tried to forget most of my military life–so as promised, I found it on the good ol’ internet.

O – Objective
S – Situation
M – Mission
E – Execution
A – Administration
C – Command

For those that love my stories, I have a good story to tell about this with my gala, Evening of Dreams. Enjoy!

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