December 25, 2017

Are Foundations Friend or Foe? Pt.2

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Are Foundations Friend or Foe? Pt.2

If you haven’t listened to the first podcast, I’m going to tell you it’s a must listen. I know this is painful for all you rule breakers, but I don’t want you out in the cold because you jumped ahead.

Foundations can either help you build a solid infrastructure or chase money. I’m not here to point fingers because everyone has a part to play in social good. The question is how will you make it happen on your end? We’re both nonprofits wanting to thrive and help our communities.

With each community, the community has their own culture and needs. Therefore, not all foundations will understand their plight. I had to remember the foundation is ran by people with their own background, prejudices, and way of life.  Their goal of specific measurable outcomes might be the antithesis of your mission.

One of my biggest issues with our own programs were displaying the kids and families. I couldn’t pimp out my families like that. Not everyone is looking to be a charity case. I respect their privacy.

At the end of the day, I had to be more realistic with my pursuit to be funded by a foundation. When I volunteered at the SW Humane Society, the need for assistance and financial aid is right there in your face. Here’s my friend Sierra that didn’t make it out. I stopped shortly after, but they didn’t rely on any major foundation- they relied on their community members.

I’m not saying don’t use foundations. Our latest grant came from a foundation for our Make Every Dream Count, but we didn’t have to change. This program has been in existence for awhile. So remember to stay true to you, your organization, donors, and constituents.


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