December 17, 2017

Are Foundations Friend or Foe? Pt.1

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

Are Foundations Friend or Foe? Pt.1

As this will be another 2-part episode, this was originally inspired by a blog I wrote a couple of years ago. I couldn’t keep it under 20 minutes after starting. When I started my consulting company, my goal was to be the best nonprofit and faith-based consultant in SW Washington (aka, Vancouver or Clark County). From a nonprofit standpoint, I went to the benchmark organization who rules the funding, which is the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington (aka, CFSWW).

To bring some context to this conversation, Vancouver is very small. We’re a bedroom city to Portland, OR which is the little brother to Seattle, WA.

The more I researched and dug into resources to serve my clients, I quickly understood there was a dysfunction. I saw a disconnect. Unfortunately, a broken bridge is still in service and there are no warning signs of this issue.

In this podcast, I travel up and down the Interstate 5 highway dissecting how foundations give money as a form of merit. Yet, the “merit” is defined differently for each gift. From Seattle to Portland, I’ll share my view on whether or not foundations can be a friend or foe.

Looking forward to hearing and reading your thoughts!


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