November 19, 2017

2017 SVP Fast Pitch Recap

by nathanwebster in SEwNAW Podcast

2017 SVP Fast Pitch Recap

The Social Venture Partners in Seattle (aka, SVP) Fast Pitch was awesome. It was my first time going to this event. After a five hour drive round trip, it was definitely worth it to attend. For the last 14 years, I’ve wondered where all the great social good players go to meet, compete and hang out. Annnnnddd, waaa-lah. I found them!

It’s a bit embarrassing to say that I hadn’t heard of them, but it’s true. This is the problem when you keep your head down and grind for so long, you forget to look up and see what everyone else is doing.

The list of the finalists and their bios I grabbed from SVP’s page of winners. The winner’s page is here. I just listed them out if you wanted to know more of who made it to the final round.

Established Nonprofits

Art with Heart
Art with Heart is on a mission to spread the healing power of creative expression to kids and communities facing trauma or adversity.

Municipal League Donation is the ultimate online voting tool to make it easier, faster, and more fun to fill out your ballot.

Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP
The Early Learning Chess Initiative uses the game of chess to teach Washington State’s low-income children the necessary math and social emotional skills needed to be kindergarten ready.

Startup Nonprofit

Adi Collective
Empowers refugee women from Afghanistan through sewing jobs that create high quality, simple and natural wardrobe pieces designed for the Seattle woman.

Unloop enables people who have been in prison to succeed in careers in tech

Seattle Clemency Project
Seeks to increase access to justice by matching deserving, reformed, long-serving inmates with pro bono attorneys to file for clemency.


A technology brand aiming to gain independence for its users, providing knowledge on accessible travel in any event space.

Swarm FX
Developing a drone-based surveillance system for wildland firefighting that will utilize advanced controls and mapping systems with low-cost sensors to provide critical information.

High School

Through Aware both teens and elementary school students are educated about special needs in an interactive way, effectively removing stigma and giving everyone equal social opportunity.

A non-profit organization dedicated to equipping both medical professionals and citizens with the resources and knowledge to reduce sepsis mortality.

For Profit

BridgeCare Finance
BridgeCare Finance breaks down the cost barriers of high-quality childcare for working families, with payment plans that extend payments at an affordable interest rate, and building savings toward college.

Social enterprise with a mission to provide an affordable and ecological roofing alternative made from resin-coated bamboo mats.

On a mission to create and distribute affordable auto-injectors to those in low-resource settings by utilizing existing basic medical infrastructure.


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